Prose by Betsy K. Brown

Published by Antigone Journal:

The Classic Classic

Published by The Circe Institute:

Why Students Should Write Formal Poetry

Mentorship: The Legacy of Dialogue and Play

Gardens in the Desert: Classical Educators in Local Community

Published by The Great Hearts Institute:

Great Hearts, Great Players

Great-Hearted Teachers: Madison Cordova

Great-Hearted Teachers: Darrah Johnson

Great-Hearted Teachers: Nikhil Jandhyala

Great Hearts of Rhetoric

Learning to Look at Rocks

Immersive Latin in the Home

Filling Your Pockets, Filling the Page

Student Poetry, Volume II

Student Poetry, Volume I

Courage, Hope, and Leadership Visions

A Journey Downstream with Friends, Past and Present

Imaginative Literature

The Experienced Mountain Climber: The Seminar Method

The Language of Poets: A review of Jane Greer’s poetry

 Expository Literature

Published by Art House America:

Retreat and Return: Hiking and the Desert Fathers

The Library and the Wilderness: My Life with Teddy Roosevelt

Other Published Prose:

Three Storms published by Relief Journal

Food Similes in Consider the Oyster published by AWP: The Writer’s Notebook

Christian Boy Bands published by The Toast

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